Sentence Writing Practice (5)

harangue (v.) to speak loudly and angrily in a way that criticizes somebody/something or tries to persuade people to do something

Captain American harangued Iron Man about whether heroes should be monitored or controlled.

cajole (v.) to make somebody do something by talking to them and being very nice to them

The Joker cajoled and bribed Harvey Dent into taking revenge for the death of his girlfriend Rachel.

endogenous (adj.) (of a disease or symptom) having a cause that is inside the body

circadian (adj.) connected with the changes in the bodies of people or animals over each period of 24 hours

modulate (v.) to adjust

Food, exercises, and caffeine may be able to modulate your own endogenous circadian rhythms.

melange (n.) a mixture of a variety of different things

Hong Tzay-Ming’s general physics course is a melange of condensed matter physics.

be wide of the mark (idiom) not accurate

Pele’s predictions turns out to be wide of the mark.

posterity (unc n) all the people who will live in the future

We must protect our environment for posterity.

providence (unc n.) the quality of being prudent

Practicing their customary providence, Hakka immigrants were able to survive in 17th century Taiwan.






Sentence Writing Exercise (4)

keen on (n.) very intersted in/ like someting very much

Superman is not keen on killing people.

Mollify (v.)

Behold! Trump is getting irritated at Mexicans! Even building a border wall could not mollify him!

blow hot and cold (idiom)

Trump has been blowing hot and cold about the climate change.

preposterous (n.) hilarious

abominate (v.)

Many Christians abominate same-sex marriage.

distress(v.) to make somebody feel very worried or unhappy

It was clear that Rachael’s death had deeply distressed Batman.

recklessly (adj.)

This evening Batman drove his Batmobile recklessly through the Gotham City, colliding and injuring dozens of pedestrians. Luckily, no one died aftermath and thus he doesn’t break his “no killing" rule.

hoax (n.) an act intended to trick or dupe

Trump dismissed climate change as a hoax cooked up by Chinese.

penchant (n.) a special liking for something

consent (v.) to agree to something

Flash reluctantly consented to Batman’s invitation to Justice League.

outrageous (adj.) very unusual and slightly shocking

It is outrageous that Trump lambasted immigrants for taking work opportunities from Americans.

the jury’s out on something (idiom) people haven’t decide about something yet

The jury is out on the safety of genetically modified food.

prominent (adj.) noticeable

It’s not until he was at the age of 40 that Ang Lee became prominent in movie industry.


wily (adj.) clever

Trump is a wily old fox.

ruthless ( adj.) without pity

Batman is ruthless in dealing with his enemies.

charisma (uncountable) the ability to attract people to you

President Obama has great personal charisma. He is the man who could light up the room and has enormous charm.

place too small a value on something

Sentence Writing Practice (3)

petrified (adj.)

Upon seeing the massacre scene, I was petrified.

stipulate (v.) to firmly state that something must be done

The policy stipulates what height of the U.S.-Mexico border wall is required.

extraneous (adj.) irrelevent

Bill Clinton’s scandals are extraneous factors to this year’s presidential election.


To be the world’s greatest detective, Batman should have a methodical mind.

psyche (n.)

Batman knows, at some deep level of his psyche, that what he is doing cannot heal his pain for his parents’ death.

blooper (n) embarrassing mistake

A news anchor made a blooper by calling Leonardo DiCaprio “Leonardo Pikachu" on TV, thus becoming a laughing stock.

laghing stock (idiom) looking silly when you are trying to be serious

repercussion (n.) an indirect result that may happen after some time afterwards

Trump’s policies on global warming will have repercussion for the  world.

reliable (adj.)

That President Ma Ying-jeou has super power “the death-grip handshake" is not reliable information.

feel the pinch (n.)

Peter Parker often feels the pinch when he has to borrow money to fix ripped spider suit.

rational (adj.) logical

Iron Man’s Mark 44  costume is not a rational dress on a formal occasion.


Trump’s winning the election caused outrage.


America’s support plays a part in Syrian people’s struggle for emacipation.

shore up (v.) to support

Mr. Trump’s willingness to break taboos shores up poll campaigns.

faddish (adj.)

Playing Pokemon Go is a leisure faddish pursuit.

Sentence Writing Practice (2)

bolt out of the blue (idiom) something unexpected

Batman’s punching in Joker’s face was a bolt out of the blue.

biodiversity (n.)

Invasive species from outer space have threatened the Earth’s biodiversity.

unseasonably (adv.) unusual for the time of year

This autumn is unseasonably hot — the temperature is almost 30 degree Celsius in the day!


Only fighting crime at night can mitigate Batman’s sorrow for his parents death.


Having pledged to eliminate terrorists in the world, Tony Stark made suit armors to fullfil his goal.


To remove the salt from seawater, it’s necessary for countries lacking water to build desalination plants.

homegrown (adj.) produced locally

IC design is one of Taiwan’s world-renowned homegrown technology.

cost-efficient (adj.) good value for the money you pay

For most Taiwanese corporations, it’s not cost-efficient to invest several billion dollars in foundamental scientific researches.

logistics(n.) the organization of a complex activity

In contrast, the logistics of exploiting employees are relativly highly cost-efficient. :DD


But in my opinion, what makes sense for Taiwanese employers are not sensible ideas.

Sentence Writing Practice

ethnic (adj.) racial

identity (uncountable n.) the characteristics, feelings or beliefs that distinguish people from others

Being an alien raised on the Earth, Superman often has to deal with  inner conflicts caused by the paradox of ethnic identity.

complexion (n.) skin colour, especially of the face

The Joker is an infamous villain with a pale complexion.

formative (adj.) important for the development of something

Daredevil’s mentor, Stick, has a formative influence on him.

reserve (v.) to hide what you’re thinking or feeling

President Tsai has no choice but to reserve her judgement for mainland China on public occasions.